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We have worked with a variety of organizations, from private businesses to municipalities to non-profits. No matter how big or small you are, what your budget is or what types of risks and vulnerabilities you are prone to, we will work with you to craft the perfect solution for your needs. And, as part of our Veterans & First Responders Program, we also offer reduced rate plans to eligible individuals and their families. 


American ID Recovery has a long history servicing small to medium-sized businesses. We understand your business is your life. We have plans that will protect your reputation and keep your business focused on what matters most. 


We know that growing and protecting your town, city or county is a top priority! American ID Recovery is dedicated to serving your municipality and citizens with plans tailored for your specific needs.


The sacrifices non-profits make to serve others are valued by the American ID Recovery team. We recognize the selfless efforts your volunteers and supporters make and have developed low cost plans to protect all of your hard work.

Veterans & First Responders

Your service does not go unrecognized! We at American ID Recovery are passionate about giving back to the Veteran & First Responder community. It is in our mission. We have FREE plans for those that have served or currently do!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our auto dealership had a good customer claim we were the cause of them becoming victims of identity theft. We Immediately notified American Identity Recovery and explained the situation. They sent our customer an affidavit which gave them permission to work the case. American Identity was able to work the case and discovered a dishonest employee had been taking pictures of our customers credit applications. Not only did they save our relationship with the client but we were able to notify other customers that we had a problem, but also a solution, American Identity Recovery.
Jacob C. - Birmingham AL.

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