Welcome to American Identity Recovery or A.I.R. for short. We are a one of a kind identity recovery and cyber
awareness company who assists everyone from municipalities to businesses, both for-profit and non-profits, our
US military veterans and first responders with care and compassion. Our certified identity recovery experts
work with our customers directly with one-on-one, around the clock support.
Our home office is located in the great state of Georgia, with all of our certified recovery experts reside all over
the United States. They understand your struggles as they are you also in your community. Our owner, lives and
breathes to serve and protect. As a father, military veteran, and former police officer with over 25 years of
entrepreneurial experience, helping identity theft victims with knowledgeable, calm and empathetic hand was
not a big leap. So while you’re here, take a look around through our website and learn how A.I.R. can help you
and your organization. Be sure to come back often for more information on the latest fraud scams and learn how
you can better protect yourself from becoming its next victim.